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Poonthottam Manufacturing Unit

Our GMP certified manufacturing unit manufactures more than 300 ayurvedic medicines at our facility within Kulakkad. Additionally, proprietary medicines based on the combinations formulated under the guidance of Vaidya Ravi are also being prepared. In-house manufacturing has always been a part of the hospital ever since its establishment in 1989. Every medicine that was required was made here at the campus, by Vaidya Ravi himself, before our full-fledged manufacturing unit was set up.

As the popularity of his efficacious treatment increased and the quality of medicines was even more refined, a special medicine manufacturing wing was employed to work under his rigid guidance. By 2007, our fully functional modern factory was established, to keep up with the rising demand and to maintain the quality standards that adhere to the GMP certificate.

Raw material collection

The most important process of manufacturing medicines is the collection of pure raw ingredients that are used to prepare it. Many raw materials like Bala, Sunthi, etc., are being collected locally through local contacts who grow these herbs in their farms and houses.

The remaining medicinal materials are bought from traders with whom we have a strong and trustworthy bond of around 30 years or more. The raw materials once purchased are checked thoroughly by the Quality Control Team and only once approved by them the ingredients are then carried forward. The rejected lots are discarded into a compost pit. The seasonal raw materials are collected and stored within the facility.

Medicine Preparation

The medicines are prepared with stringent supervision in our modern facility. It runs 24x7 during the production time which spans for 15 days in a month. The factory purposely runs at a 50% efficiency rate to ensure that we keep prioritizing quality over quantity. The old firewood stove system has been replaced by the boiler mechanism for better efficiency. The Quality Control Team checks every finished product to maintain a standardized high-quality level among the medicines.

Our R&D department looks after the development of new products and adds modifications to the existing products if required. New products are developed based on its requirement and its introduction into the market and hospital will only be done once it satisfies all the statutory requirements like Product study, Clinical Study, Drug License etc.

A huge breakthrough for the Ayurvedic community was achieved when Vaidya Ravi established a trademark process for converting all the traditionally classic kashaayas’ into tablets that can be ingested easily. The Kashaayas’ or decoctions can be incorporated easily into one’s lifestyle, without losing its original purity. The ayurvedic pills do not have any preservatives or chemicals.


The medicines manufactured are used mainly for in-house patients through the outlet within the campus. A new branch has been started in the near-by town Cherpulassery, to make it easily available for OTC purchases and refills.