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Poonthottam Ayurvedasram

Poonthottam means “Flower Garden”. The asram is set in the luscious green, healing landscape of Central Kerala’s verdant Kulakkad hill region, in South India. It follows the proven Ayurvedic philosophy of holistic treatment for rejuvenation, otherwise called “Panchakarma”, which requires a spiritual environment - provided by our location. The asram is surrounded by paddy fields, rubber, coconut and banana plantations. It is owned and managed by Ayurvedacharya (Ayurvedic Physician) Vaidya P.M.S. Raveendranath and his wife Latha Raveendranath. They are committed to sharing their knowledge and experience about authentic and traditional Ayurveda to help you expand upon the art of living healthily and happily.

The greenery surrounding the asram, encapsulates the different shades of green, providing the appropriate ambience that fosters serenity, which is required for rejuvenation. The herbs used for the development of the medicines, which are processed within our factories, are cultivated and collected from within our grounds or from nearby farms. There is also a local rice paddy field employed to produce special rice used for medicinal purposes. With these precautions, well-maintained scenic surroundings, and high ingredient quality standards, we can promise the purest medicines and highly effective treatments.

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